If you're a Wellness Woman- a therapist, healer or sacred teacher- and you know (or wonder if!) there’s a connection between how your body feels about money and your level of prosperity and cash flow, you are in the right place!

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At Gaia Bookkeeping, you may have already heard we’ve discovered something BIG,

Cash Flow Loves Clarity

We’ve also discovered that the tension or disconnect you feel in your body around money acts as a block to the clarity that cash flow loves. . .

And because at Gaia Bookkeeping we are on a mission to financially empower Wellness Women, (we believe it is our sacred work and purpose). . .

We created a series of rituals and meditations to  help you shift out of the money tension and disconnect and into the clarity that comes with living in a Prosperity Body. 
Did you know that most women struggle to feel good talking about and making plans with their money?

We believe this is because most of us have a money wound. . .  
Let’s get right to the point. . .

As women, our relationship with money goes way back.
Oftentimes, tension or a disconnect around money is connected to an old wound or fear experienced personally or one that has been passed down through the generations.
Kaeleya with her clients
We’ve had clients with one or more, even all 6 of these wound connections to money.

The Good News? 

We’ve learned through experience that once the wound is identified, the wound shifts and becomes receptive to a reframe that leads to. . .  

You got it, Clarity!

When you have Clarity on what is no longer serving you, a new way naturally emerges to take its place. . . and when you have a positive reframe in place, it helps you to move forward aligned to a Prosperous Way of Thinking and Being in your Body. . . 

Doing the Clarity and Reframe Work changes how you feel about money!

Your money relationship shifts into something supportive and positive.
Money is no longer connected to an old wound.

Money now has the freedom to serve you and be a healthy part of your life and business.  

Taking a deeper look. . .

We are literally cleaning out the closet of skeletons and fear and turning on the light to take a new path forward.

We believe that we are in a time of deep healing with our money relationships as women who hold space for the healing work for the world.

It’s time to heal the old wounds and move forward with money as a friend and partner we can rely on and trust.

Doing the deeper Prosperity Body work is the missing link to our next level of freedom. 

The money wounds have been the elephant in the room,. . . the garbage shoved under the carpet we’ve been stepping over that we can no longer, nor need to, ignore.

For us at Gaia Bookkeeping, we see healing these old wounds and claiming your Prosperity Body as a beautiful and light filled reveal of who you really are-a fully abundant and prosperous woman who leads and loves from her own place of healing and balance.

This is why at Gaia Bookkeeping, we focus on having clarity for both your Financials AND your Prosperity Body.
We offer two ways of doing this deep work to reclaim your Prosperity Body. . .

We have a series of powerful rituals and meditations you can follow on your own time,

Or if being led by us in a circle of like minded women as you come home to your Prosperity Body is more your kind of thing, we’d love to have you join us there.   

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Want to know a bit more about how we do the work?  Read on!

We use time tested techniques to design all of our rituals, meditations and Prosperity Body Circles, gathered over the last 23 years of working with Wellness Women.

These simple yet powerful healers help you come home to your Prosperity Body so that you can step out of the tension cycle and into clarity with a strong healthy connection to your money and your worth.
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