Wake up every morning knowing exactly what your business needs to thrive and prosper. . . 
and do it in full alignment with who you really are

What makes this circle amazing is YOU and the like minded women you will journey with in a sanctuary space designed for supportive growth.  

What makes it UNIQUE is the focus on your Wisdom, Intuition, Magic and Gaia connection alongside your Practical Logic and Business Savvy to build momentum for your business.

Doing business this way, with a merge between your authentic powers and your business skills, not only puts you in the powerful position of knowing exactly what to do to expand and grow your business. . .  it also means you will know how to accelerate your momentum without triggering the immense frustration of second guessing, hesitating, & putting on the brakes every time you get into unknown waters and get a little bigger than you ever have before.

Enough of that, yes?

You might be questioning how merging your powers and your skills ends the pattern of  slowing down your growth?

In working with Wellness Women over the last two decades, I’ve discovered that when you run your business in alignment with your authentic powers and your business skills, you take full ownership of your business.

Which simply means,

The fear of not knowing what to do to create more momentum, or the fear of too much momentum, of getting in over your head, of not being able to keep up at the higher levels simply falls away because when you know are in charge, you will BRING WHAT YOU KNOW INTO THE UNKNOWN.

It’s time to put the pattern of second guessing and pumping the brakes behind you and take action on merging your powers and your skills so that you can finally have the confidence and pleasure of waking up every morning knowing exactly what to do to make your business thrive and prosper.
smudging ritual with abalone shell
Finally! A Prosperity Alchemy Business Circle that supports you doing business by merging your authentic powers AND your business skills.

Do business from a place of deep confidence and clarity by calling on (already in place) authentic super powered connections to your Wisdom, Intuition, Magic AKA your own Powerful Presence and Gaia alongside your Practical Logic and Business Savvy.  

No part of you gets left behind!  

Bring All Of Who You Are To The Table.
What results can I expect from being in this Circle?
Find emotional fulfillment in your business using Kaeleya’s ABC (Authentic Business Connection) ritual.

Be joyfully Empowered and Connected in your business and your goals-no longer feel like you are on the outside of your business not really in charge of its direction.

Learn Kaeleya’s 7 frameworks for running a prosperous authentically aligned business:

  1. Practical Insights and Review of your business as a whole, so you know where you’ve been, where you’re heading, and what’s working and what isn’t.
  2. Project and Clarity focused beginnings to your week for momentum in alignment with your energy and pace.
  3. Wrap Up your week to prep for the coming week and fully unplug for rest and replenishment.
  4. Belief Bridge and Belief Gaps to understand what the manifestation path requires from you to attain your goals.
  5. The 4 Steps to Prosperity Guide for going deep in your creation and manifestation skills.
  6. Open, Ask and Receive Right Actions to answer pressing questions and stay in alignment with both your higher truth and the practical actions needed to move forward.
  7. High Level Perspective to see what’s really going on behind the scenes yet right in front of your eyes.

Know that you are investing in your sustainable success by investing your authentic powers into your business.

Experience the peace of knowing that you are putting your attention on the right areas and no longer need to spin your wheels. I.E. sleep better at night!
  • Do business from an Empowered place- take the risks you know you need to take to expand and grow-overcome your fears!
  • Be clear and confident about the future and your ability to   build and grow your business without burning out or living under constant immense pressure.
  • Develop a deepened connection to the energy of your business-know exactly what she needs from you and what to change when things aren’t working.
  • Stop falling into the subconscious pattern of second guessing, missing out on opportunities, hesitating and pumping the brakes just when the momentum starts building!
hands holding prayer beads
  • Make your dreams and vision for your work a reality you can rely on yourself to create and sustain.
  • Be deeply supported to connect with your truest self, the authentic and aligned you that knows how to take right action.
  • Embrace new empowering money stories and leave old disempowering money stories behind.
  • Enjoy clarity as a natural companion in your decision making process.
  • Commit to Self Love in Action - rest when you are called to, listen to your body and honour her requests.
  • Become a stronger, more connected leader-work with your employees and team members connected to your own heart.
Kaeleya with her clients
And once again. . .

Wake up knowing exactly what your business needs to thrive and prosper. . . and do it in full alignment with who you really are!

You can do business in a way that feels so good, that honours who you truly are, that grows and expands into the fullness of your desires here. . . you really can have this wish come true!
Who is this Circle for?
Who is leading the Circle?
Kaeleya Rayne, Founder of Gaia Bookkeeping
This Circle will be led by Kaeleya Rayne, a Business Prosperity Coach who is grounded in her connection to Gaia, a skilled channel for the Divine, and a decades long practitioner of Business Energetics & Body Communications for women in business.

Kaeleya has spent the last 20 years helping to empower and guide women to build, deepen their roots and expand their businesses by using their authentic connections to their wisdom, intuition, presence and business savvy.

This results in her clients leading conscious and purpose filled businesses that thrive and magnetically attract profits and partnerships.

Marni Setless

I don’t believe in coincidences. God/Goddess always has a plan. I was seated next to Kaeleya at a workshop. The second she turned to face me, I knew her. We speak the same language. I didn’t know what Kaeleya’s business was about. I listened to the pull I felt. And when we spoke it was magical. She was the answer to what I had been asking and praying about for myself.  

The work we did helped me reconnect to what I know about energetics to use in my life and apply it to growing my business. She asks the hard questions too. Those questions that make me uncomfortable and shake me up getting me to move forward and stretch to grow myself and my business. Her compassion is HUGE and her LOVE even bigger. So I feel safe to let it all hang out. I see where I’m heading and the future looks bright!

Marni Setless | Intuitive Energy Healer & Medium

Elaine Torrance

Kaeleya provided tools and techniques to help me process so I can make a better choice as I move forward with money. What I also loved about this process was the connection to my body wisdom. She consistently asked how things feel in my body which helped to build that muscle for me. I also loved the money mantra that came from my body and how it plays on autopilot as I move through my day.

There is so much more that is a bit difficult to articulate as this is deep, deep work. The circle that was created is immensely powerful and continues to reveal layers even after the call has ended. Kaeleya is brilliant at seeing what needs to be seen so it can be brought out into the light to be healed. I know more continues to unfold for me but I can say I feel more peace, lighter, more trust and secure in the knowledge that I am NOT alone. I am excited to see what continues to expand for me. Thank you Kaeleya!

Elaine Torrance | Happiness Mentor | AvalonianMoon.com

Noemi Castro

I am so glad I joined this dynamic circle led by Kaeleya. 

 Kaeleya has an incredible ability to hold space for a truly divine and transformational experience. While it's joyful, it's also deep and there's no sugar coaching here. We have come here to be in a sacred circle with one another, to witness one another, learn from one another, and work through our own layers. But even so, I felt incredibly held and supported through the process. 

 We are mid-way through and I have lovingly witnessed and untangled my mindset and energetic relationship to wealth, as well as expanded my definition of what wealth even means, becoming keenly aware of how it flows into my life. I am consciously creating and nurturing that container with Kaeleya's guidance. Additionally, I am stepping deeper and deeper into the truth of who I am, which is quite literally bursting open and expanding through this process. This is clearly not only a spring board, but a truly fundamental shift. Thank you Kaeleya! 

Noemi Castro | Transformational Coach

What do I receive when I join the Business Prosperity Circle?
Privacy & Aligned Connections
Access to an intimate small group environment with like-minded women in a space where you feel seen, heard and honoured.

A place where you feel understood as the woman you are- a common comment I receive from women in circle is- “I feel like you ‘get me!’”  

Calls & Teachings
  • 2 live zoom calls a month with 2 weeks on your own to do the work and put plans into action
  • A 3rd call will be added when we feel as a group that there is something that needs more time to be worked through
  • Monthly focus on what’s going on with the moon as She affects our energy and work flow
  • Recorded Rituals and Meditations you can access any time, designed to support your connection to Gaia, Divine Spirit, your Intuition and your Powerful Presence
  • PDF’s for the 7 Frameworks Kaeleya teaches with teaching videos breaking down the steps
  • Access to a private membership area for sharing and asking questions in between calls-this platform exists off Facebook

When does it start?
Official start date: Monday, April 24, 2023

How long does it run?
This is a 3 month program with the opportunity to continue in this circle for consecutive 3 month sessions.

What is the cost?
As one of the founding members of the Business Prosperity Circle, your investment is $295.00 a month or invest 785.00 for 3 months in full and save $100.00.

We would love to have you be a part of this special circle that brings your business to life in deep alignment with who you really are!

Payment options


3 automatic monthly payments
$295.00 a month


with automatic savings of $100.00
$785.00 full pay