If you're a Wellness Woman and you need clarity with your books, your financial statements and your cash flow, we’re here to help!

We can help you gain and maintain clarity with your financials, wherever your business is currently operating, from simple to complex business situations.

We know that books can get pretty messy very quickly, no worries!-at Gaia Bookkeeping, we see the bigger picture and we help you see it too.

At Gaia Bookkeeping we’ve discovered something big,

Cash Flow Loves Clarity!

The more clarity you have, the more cash can flow to you.

The more clarity you have, the more you make financially empowered decisions to grow or to rest . . . so you can live the life you dream of living!
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Our truth, heart to heart?

We know how important your work is to the world, and we’re rooting for you. . . 

. . .we also know that books can get shoved to the side because UGH! It’s alot of work.  We get it! 

And yet, even if you aren’t tending to them, they are often on your mind. . .  

How much money do you really have to grow your business, hire another team member, pay for consistent self care or even take a much needed vacation?

You need to know!
We focus on your books so you can focus on your wellbeing and your business.

Once you have your first consultation, our next step will be to assess your current business needs and your budget, then we’ll create a package that fits you and your goals.

Working with us means we are both focused on clear communications and clearly set intentions for clarity and flow for your books.
Don't wait any longer.
Reach out to us today for a free consultation!