Gaia Bookkeeping was designed with one purpose:

To bring financial empowerment and freedom to wellness women - therapists, healers, and sacred teachers - so that they could bring their work into the world without being burdened by the drain of financial insecurity caused by a lack of clarity, disempowered financial relationships, and a disconnect to their own worth and wealth.
tealight candles on a mandala
Gaia Bookkeeping focuses on tax resolution, bookkeeping and prosperity work so that financial harmony can be developed leading to security and advancement and freedom.

Gaia’s name is not used lightly in the name of this business.

This is a time of deepening, grounding, and connecting to our natural resources, health and wealth through our connection to Gaia, the Mother Earth.

Kaeleya has always spoken of Gaia as the wisest woman on earth as well as the most ingenious business woman with her extensive and awe inspiring use of systems and delivery for times of harvest and bounty.
She is here for us in more ways than we can truly know.

Gaia Bookkeeping is the merging of financial structures used to create a clean slate, clarity, and empowerment with our money relationships inside and out.

Kaeleya Rayne is a number lover, author, and business prosperity coach originally from Cambridge, England.

As a wellness woman in the 21st century, 23 years helping wellness women do business, and 30 years of extensive study in the field of energetics, prosperity alignment in the body, and healing the money relationship to money, worth and wealth; the sharings on this website contain her insights, blogs, and financial empowerment knowledge.

Kaeleya went through her first awakening experience in 2002 and again in 2017.  Both times she relied deeply on the Divine, the Trees, Gaia and the Circle of Light Beings to find balance and the ability to manage life awake.  She wrote "The Hidden Healer" to share her struggle and eventual breakthrough published in a series with Jim Britt and Jim Lutes.

Kaeleya Rayne, Founder of Gaia Bookkeeping
Kaeleya’s journey started as a young child when she started speaking about time folding in on itself, and a direct communication connection to the Earth, Trees, and Animals was discovered by her mother.  From that moment forward, her abilities were embraced with studies that strengthened her telepathic and healing hands work with humans and animals and wisdom communication work with whom she calls some of her best friends, The Trees.

Kaeleya has always known she was part of the Circle of LightWorkers on this planet here to help others rise into their empowerment, peace and freedom.  She knows she is here to be part of the awakening of living from love, healing the body with light and forgiveness, understanding the sacred nature of a clean slate and clarity within and without, and embracing the energy of money as a currency of nourishment and abundant joyful living.

Her methods bring into focus doing the inner work and the outer work as the practical way to peace, empowerment and freedom.

Kaeleya is a conduit and a space holder for the truth that sets women free. . .  

. . .that a woman’s immense worth can never be questioned, no matter her life experiences or history, and that each woman has the Divine Right to speak and live her truth in financial security and harmony with her own values and desires.

In founding Gaia Bookkeeping, she followed the guidance from both Gaia and the Divine to make a clear practical structure for working with numbers and prosperity energy to financially empower wellness women with a clean slate and clarity, and a deepened connection with their money, their worth and their wealth.
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