The Heal and Rise Mini-Guide: A Self-Discovery Journey to Unlock Your True Desires

Welcome, Beautiful Soul, 

Kick off your shoes and stay a while, perhaps even get a cup of tea or your favourite drink and have pen and paper handy to take notes and record any aha’s. . .

Take your time as you journey through this process.

Let’s begin. ❤️

This Mini-Guide is designed for Heart-Centered Business Women like you to begin the most empowering journey of all:

Doing the work to discover What You REALLY Want for Yourself and Your Life, 

and then, unlocking those desires by taking action in that direction with passionate and unapologetic clarity.

Before we get to the discovery piece. . . there’s something big that needs to be looked at first.

It’s the core reason why most of us don't really know what we want.

And it’s what keeps us from creating and making decisions in deep alignment with who we really are and what we’ve really come here to do.

smiling women

In the last few months, I have been doing a deeper dive into my own empowerment and watching my clients do the same.

I started to see new women in the circle, friends, family. . . all being called to do a deeper dive into empowerment.

I started to see a pattern amongst us.

It became clear that we weren’t clear.  

We weren’t clear about the one thing that delivers us into taking truly empowered action.

We didn’t really know what we wanted.

When I asked the question, 

“Well, what do you really want for yourself?”


A combination of. . .

“I don’t have an answer. I can’t feel it. I feel disconnected from that knowing. I am drawing a blank.

I feel passionately driven but something doesn't feel right and I’ve got one foot on the brake. 

But I do know what I don’t want.”

Well that’s where most of us have been starting from right?

You’ve heard this before, ‘if you know what you don’t want, start there and it will uncover what you really want.’

Yup, it’s true. It will do that.

But it doesn’t speak to the real message shining through the ‘crickets’ response in our mind, body and soul.

I’ve discovered that there is a very clear reason why you don’t know what you really want for your life.

It’s simple, really. But nothing will change until we do the hard work to move through it.

Does this statement feel true to you?

“I know exactly what everyone else wants from me, but me? I am not sure.”

When my clients sit with this, and me too, it’s uncomfortable.  

Until now, we’ve just carried on. Or done the ‘I know what I don't want’ exercise and made it work that way.

But my love, it’s a bandaid at best.

It takes a lot of bandwidth to honour your desires and take action, yes??

And sooner than later, 

if we don’t accept that we are really good at knowing exactly what others want from us rather than what we want from and for ourselves, we will fall back into old patterns.

Not because we are weak. Because we are human.

And we love. Loving others is our forte.

That’s why the journey to true empowerment is actually a self love journey for women in business- on so many levels.


So, first, 

you need to know (and honour) that you are really good at delivering, producing, creating, building, honing, committing, bad assing, and even Divining, what you know is expected from you.

For those you love. For the Planet. For the Divine.

How honest. Yes?

We come by this so honestly.

The important thing to note here, 

You are so fricken powerful and connected that you know EXACTLY what others want from you.

Now that’s the path I am interested in you using to get clear on what YOU want.

That muscle is well built.

Knowing exactly what is wanted.

Except that now, you practice letting go of what Joe wants, or your Mom, or your Dad, or your Sister, your Peers, or the World, or even what the Universe wants. . .

You let go of being what they want and become what you want.

You make a commitment to shift, to pay attention, to move towards what You want and desire for yourself.

Just pay attention with Love.

Use that path, the muscle that is already built!

You KNOW what is wanted.  

From my heart to yours, trust in yourself to know your own truth.  

Let go with Love of all the things that might feel in the way of that being real for you.

Simple steps here:

1. Let Go of Keeping Everyone Else Happy

It’s the only way to allow for yourself and others to be truly empowered.

Let go of being the glue that holds everything together.

Let go of being the one who is no longer the salve and saviour for those you love.

Let go of being the one who is needed, and doesn’t cause problems or ripples.

Let go of being the one who knows what everyone else wants and forgets what you want in the process.

Love and Let Go.

2. Embrace the Call of Self-Discovery

As a Heart-Centered Business Woman, you possess a unique power within you, driven by passion and purpose. 

Embrace this call to self-discovery, . . . within the depths of your being your true desires are already living, ready and waiting to be discovered. 

Allow yourself to be fully present in this journey, ready to uncover what truly moves you.

3. Create Space for Introspection

In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, it's essential to create space for introspection. 

Find a calm sanctuary where you can disconnect from distractions and reconnect with yourself. 

Take time to reflect on your journey, your accomplishments, and the dreams that stir your soul. 

This introspection will serve as a guiding light towards uncovering your authentic desires.

4. Connect with Your Inner Voice

One of the most powerful tools on your journey is becoming intimately acquainted with your inner voice. 

In a world filled with external influences, your inner voice holds the key to deciphering your true desires. 

Engage in self-reflection exercises like journaling, meditation, or mindfulness practices to nurture a strong connection with your intuition.

Learn to honour the voice that tells you that desires bring pain and disappointment as the old voice that goes with doing what is expected of you rather than what feels right in your body.

The old voice has been with you for a long time, trying to keep you safe.  You can honour her, love her and take care of that part of you as you commit to taking actions based on what you really want for yourself.

Just tell her you love her and it’s time to break free, and. . . that you’ve got this.

5. Unearth Your Core Values

Your core values form the foundation upon which you and your heart-centered business thrives. 

Reflect on what truly matters to you and identify the values that resonate most deeply.

Acknowledging and aligning with these values will infuse your business with authenticity and attract your ideal clientele, AND allow you to be in alignment with your own You.

Creating a harmonious connection between your professional and personal life brings in so much satisfaction, abundance and joy which is the true name of the game!

6. Pursue Passion, Release Limiting Beliefs

Passion is the ignition that fuels success. 

Explore your true passions, those delightful activities that light up your soul. 

Dare to remove the barriers of any limiting beliefs and embrace the limitless potential of you and your heart-centered business. 

Trust in your ability to manifest abundance through your passion.

7. Nurture Self-Compassion and Mindset

As you journey towards uncovering your desires, remember to cultivate self-compassion and a growth mindset. 

Celebrate your achievements, both big and small, and embrace failures as valuable lessons. 

A positive and resilient mindset will propel you forward, empowering you to overcome challenges and embrace the joy of owning a heart-centered business.

By honouring what’s kept you in the dark about your own desires, you’ll turn on the light to your truth.

There will suddenly be room in your awareness to see with deep clarity and you’ll do it without any judgement.

Discovering your authentic desires, connecting with your inner wisdom, embracing core values, pursuing your passion, and nurturing self-compassion. . .

This is the journey home.

This is you taking significant steps towards creating a business and life gives you the ability to positively impact the world around you while being in alignment with your soul's purpose.

Remember, the power to manifest your dreams lives within you.   
You’re designed to live the life you are meant to live.

Here’s to thriving together,
With Love,
Kaeleya xo