Boost Your Business Growth: How Speaking the Words of Love Can Actualize Your Success

women in circle
Hello Beautiful Soul,

Before we begin speaking love to your business, it's important to speak about honouring the energy of your business.

As a norm, many of us were taught to manipulate our businesses, to shove, push, demand, drain, and generally rule without compassion or love as a part of the process.

I don’t believe there was any malice in the teaching.

Discover Your Purpose: Tips from Heart-Centered Business Owner Kaeleya Rayne

women in circle
As a Heart-Centered Business Woman, discovering your purpose can feel integral to building a fulfilling and successful business that is sustainable to your ever growing desire to do what matters most here. 

I know for me, there have been many things I could have done, and even enjoyed, but until I did the deeper dive to understand why I was really here and who I had come here to help . . .


How do I thrive as a Heart-Centered Business Woman?

heart-centered business womanWhen it comes to running a business, there's a lot of pressure to follow certain rules and guidelines in order to succeed.

I tried following the rules.  The guidelines.  Doing it ‘right’.

Yeah, I did that, it almost ruined me.  Not kidding.

None of my heart centered wisdom was a part of any strategy I was following.