Welcome to Gaia Bookkeeping

Within these sharings to come, I will speak about the path to our financial freedom and prosperity, inside and out.

You will find me writing from the heart, and from an intentional connection with Gaia, Love, and Freedom.

A chance to remember.

I, like so many of us, have struggled to find my way home.

To remember who I am.

To let go of who I have believed myself to be.

To allow myself to reach for something more even when I fumbled and fell in the darkness and could not find the light switch to illuminate the way ahead.

It has been helpful to know that within that search lives a centerstream guiding the way-a flow of energy that is balanced and centered, a flow that never turns off nor leaves our side.

That Centerstream is Gaia, Love, Truth, Oneness.

She is always there, it is Her nature.

Once you know that in your heart, it changes the journey,. . . transforming fear to faith, confusion to confidence and loneliness to oneness.

She, Gaia, Love, Truth holds steady for our memory to return of our true power and connection to the Earth.

She calls us to remember the immense healing and prosperity that is our birthright-and our nature.

Gaia healing, financial freedom and prosperity

I, like so many of us, have lost my way only to realize this was all part of the plan.

That in the loss, in the wandering, I was somehow finding myself again.

That in the truest sense, I could only remember when I had allowed myself to forget.

My greatest wish for you is for you to remember your way home to your own truth. . . 

To know. . .

That you are forever connected to your heart, to Gaia-no matter where you are or what you are doing.

That the fundamental reality we all live within is Love and Truth at the core of our beingness. That each day you are simply asked to continue walking home. . . and that you are already enough as you are as you make that journey.

To know that your value can never be lessened by your history or your future.

And that, as you walk through your life, you carry with you this knowledge . . .

You Are Worthy. Valuable. Smart. Powerful.

May this knowing shine the light on the path ahead as you dare to risk, to grow, and expand your reach into the woman you are called to be.

Blessings Be,
Kaeleya Rayne