How Do I Manage My Energetic Experiences as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur?

Welcome Beautiful Soul,

Learning to Manage (and embrace) Energetic Experiences. . .

It must be done and taken seriously to truly be free and to actualize your full potential here.  
The good news? It WANTS to be done, and done for your highest and sweetest good.  

Your sensitivities are a boon when you realize you are being led to a deeper way of being in your life and the world around you.

My sensitivities ebb and flow, and yet, the more in tune I become, the more present they are in my life.

I used to want nothing more than to turn them OFF.  

It’s been a long journey, I will admit.

But in time, I began to merge my highly sensitive way of being with my beliefs.

I have a deep belief that we are never alone, and. . .

that we are always being shown the way to reach a deeper level of awareness, connection and peace.

Whether we’re being shown the way through an immensely joyful experience or perhaps through the struggle of feeling like we aren’t in our bodies or even when, for some of us, we’re sure we’re about to fall into the abyss of surreality,. . . 

it’s important to know, there’s a way, a through line of connection, calling you to pay attention and stand wider in who you are. 

So many times have I heard the words, “You are being asked to stand wider in who you are.”  
And I only ever hear these words when I am struggling to feel my toes, or get comfortable in my seat (or my skin) in a crowded room, store or restaurant.

I have learned to say to myself, this is really uncomfortable, but what is the message? What is the teaching I am being asked to lean into?  

This causes a pause in the direction.

It causes a connection, a communication, and it most definitely leads to an empowered exchange with whatever I am experiencing in the moment.
This simple way of being with what’s showing up has helped myself and my clients overcome the shrinking world that sensitivities can otherwise create for us.

It has also taught us to utilize our sensitivities and wield them as superpowers in our lives and in the entrepreneurial world. 

smiling women

Here are some simple yet potent ways to embrace who you are and live a life of joy, peace, and success as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur:

1. Embrace Self-Awareness

Being self-aware is crucial for managing energetic experiences. 

Take the time to understand how (and whose) energy impacts you physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Recognize your energetic limits and boundaries, allowing yourself to recharge when needed. 

Remember, self-care is not a luxury, but a fundamental necessity for success.

I would add that you have the most beautiful inner voice wanting to help you, guide you, and show you how to become more aware and more at peace.

2. Create Energetic Boundaries

As Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs, we are connected to energies from our environment and interactions. 

Setting energetic boundaries is essential for maintaining our emotional well-being. 

Establish practices like visualization, crystal healing, or energy clearing techniques to shield yourself from negative or overwhelming energies. 

Surround yourself with individuals who support your sensitivities and honour your journey.

I have a couple of things I do regularly-one, I connect with a tree when I am uncomfortable.  
I don’t have to know the tree!  But when I need to set boundaries and find I am thankfully in the presence of trees I will ask, who wants to help me?

I always hear ‘over here’, or ‘I will’. Just today I put my hands on a tree as I was about to enter an important meeting- I felt her immense beauty and calm grounding. What could be better as a reminder that we are never alone, and that help is there when we ask for it?

Another sweet practice is to flow light.  

I just gently flow light like a lighthouse and see my discomfort as a sign to open up the door for energy to flow through.  

I don’t push the light onto anyone, I just let it come through and be with me and around me as I move through the world.

3. Practice Mindfulness

Cultivating mindfulness helps us stay grounded and harmonize our energetic experiences. 

Incorporate daily practices like meditation, deep breathing exercises, or journaling. 

These activities help us observe and detach from intense emotions or energetic fluctuations, enabling us to respond consciously rather than react impulsively.

I have always believed that if more of the Earth’s people meditated, we would soon be living in a harmonized humanity.  

For me, meditation changes the game from pressure to peace inside my thinking and my body.

4. Design an Optimal Work Environment

Creating a supportive work environment positively impacts our energetic well-being. 

Optimize your workspace by incorporating elements that resonate with your sensitivities. 

Consider soft lighting, calming colors, soothing sounds, and inspiring scents. 

Bring living plants into your office and enjoy the connection they naturally create.

I also absolutely love working with essential oils throughout the day. 

There are companies out there who know how to harness the living energy of the plant so that we can develop a relationship with the oil.   

Personalizing your surroundings in a way that you feel uplifted and supported will enhance your creativity, productivity and peace.

5. Honour Your Intuition

Trust your intuition. 

Your heightened sensitivity enables you to feel and sense opportunities, navigate challenges, and make wise decisions. 

Listen to your gut instinct, as it will often serve as a valuable guide on your entrepreneurial journey. 

Embrace your intuitive gifts, and allow them to guide you to success.

I will add, trusting your intuition is a gift that will change your life, AND, you must learn to discern between a thought masquerading as intuition and the one that is aligned with the truth. 

It’s a process that wants to be honed and mastered.  

Take your time, and use your body as a tool for clarity and connection with your true intuition.

6. Seek Support and Community

Connect with other Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs to build a supportive network. 

Join online forums, communities, or attend events where you can share your experiences, seek advice, and gain insights from those who understand the dynamic nature of being a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur. 

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can provide clarity, boost your confidence to embrace who you are, and provide a sense of belonging.

Being a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur is a gift.

And, it requires intentional management of our energetic experiences to be seen and experienced as such. 

By embracing self-awareness, setting boundaries, practicing mindfulness, creating a nurturing workspace, honouring our intuition, and seeking support, we can excel in our entrepreneurial pursuits and use our sensitivities as a navigator and trusted guide. 

Remember, your sensitivity is what makes you unique, and when harnessed effectively, it becomes your greatest strength.

Here’s to thriving together,
With Love,
Kaeleya xo