There’s room for you and your work.

In this world, on this earth, a great call has been awakening many thousands of women in business.

To remember who we are.

To remember why we are here.

To remember each other and find a way to journey in circle together.

And yet, there are so many tar pits, muddy swamps, and tasks to complete that challenge us daily.

Kiddos to feed. Family to tend to. Bills to pay. Health to manage.

It can be hard just to keep our feet on the ground in our daily lives, in our living rooms, our kitchens and our offices, let alone remember and follow a deep call of purpose out in the world.

Yet here we are. Unwilling to let it go.

divine downloads

Peeling away the layers that have kept us asleep and struggling, disentangling ourselves from the chaos and distractions to come home to our center, to who we really are.

We’ve kept going. We’ve kept listening. We’ve kept searching. We’ve kept moving towards the Light.

And down deep in our bones, we have always known, we are not alone.

And yet it’s so easy to feel disheartened and stuck in a repetitive cycle of clarity and inspiration that leads to hesitation and doubt around our true purpose here and how to move forward real time in the real world!

I know what it’s like to have a clarity filled insight, a strong nudge from Spirit, from Gaia, from your own wisdom and intuition!

“Go here, answer this call.  Here is the topic of focus. Write this book. Create this process.”

Then you spend 5 minutes researching and find out that someone is already doing it!!

HOPES DASHED. And the cycle of clarity and inspiration that leads to hesitation and doubt starts again in our minds and bodies..

We can doubt ourselves, oh so easily!

I understand.

Last night I received a lot of information, direction, clear title codes, program names. I set them into my memory so I would remember when I woke up, and when I researched them online to see if anyone else had that name for a program. . .

YUP. and so beautifully done. Accolades, gorgeously shared, the whole enchilada.

I felt myself stop the flow of excitement and pleasure that was forming. . .

Oh, she is doing this so beautifully. Oh she’s wearing a gauze dress, in the woods, sage, shaman’s tools, JUST BEAUTIFUL!

Why am I not honouring my shaman path? Should I be wearing gauze in the woods, focusing only on doing sacred energy work for women??? Am I not honouring my truth??

Big breath. I felt the pain. I stayed with it until it had been honoured and my wisdom voice came forward.

Here’s what She said to me:
"You are a Shaman.
You are a Lightworker.

This is who you are. ALL OF THESE THINGS AND MORE."

And then, I heard the words that made me want to write this note to you!

“There is room for you and your work.

Continue moving forward.”

All of a sudden, the flow was back, and alongside the excitement to continue was a new level of peace and groundedness about the truth:

We are all sharing DIVINE DOWNLOADS.


We will find that our work is being reflected in the work of others.

But each one of us will have our own unique way of speaking to the world when we honour our own voice and listen to our own guidance.

Not only in the words that mean something special and ignite a spark in another’s heart and body, but in the vibratory signature that is gloriously YOU and only YOU.

No one can mirror your vibrational signature.

No one can hold the same space on this earth that you can.

No one else is YOU.

Take your wisdom with you out into the world.

Answer the call.

Find the path and the circle of others that is yours to walk here.  This is your path to Prosperity.

As you walk through your life, carry with you this knowledge . . .

You Are Worthy. Valuable. Smart. Powerful.

May this knowing shine the light on the path ahead as you dare to risk, to grow, and expand your reach into the woman you are called to be.

Blessings Be,
Kaeleya Rayne