Hello Beautiful Soul,

Oh how I love to speak to the Bigger Picture, for she has all manner of wisdom to guide me on my journey home to the heart where I can remember who I really am . . . 

And in my dreams, that home is a place where I envision a good pot of tea and a glorious cake waiting to welcome me. (no surprise it's tea and cake, I am from the UK after all!)

But learning and even loving to speak to the Bigger Picture didn’t come easy for me as a healing magician who can talk to animals, women's bodies, the earth and the stars, 

it came with a whole lot of letting go of my nature to push, have, manifest, and my desire to ‘make it happen’ (whatever IT was in the moment). Truth.

But the coolest part is that when I finally learned to let go, I discovered that through all the struggles, the disappointments, the good times and the bad, 

That all along, 

I was simply being invited to dance with the bigger picture 

so that I could allow the letting go of expansion, 
and the receiving of contraction. . . and that in fact, expansion and contraction were simply two sides of the same coin.

I can barely express the joy that followed me in that moment of understanding that everything I’d ever experienced, the sorrows, happiness, the highs and the lows, 

they were all leading me home to remember who I really am, to love myself, to trust myself, and to understand how to REALLY be here on purpose in love and in peace.

Here’s my view of the invitation and how to dance with the Bigger Picture. . .

Remember that old line,

“I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.”

We all get stuck focusing our attention on the trees at times.

And even though the bigger forest is there for us to see, it simply isn’t seen, 

it’s as if the forest doesn’t exist. . .

until that moment in time when we let go. . . 

When we step back from our gaze long enough to embrace the possibility that focusing all of our attention on what we desire isn’t always the way to get there.

Oh I know, Sister, how powerful we all are!!

Surely focusing our attention on that which is meant to be ours IS the way to go!

Never give up.  Never surrender!!

Until, . . . we realize that giving up and surrendering is indeed the shortest route to have what we desire most.

So what is the invitation I am speaking to here?

The invitation to embrace both force and surrender, to embrace both contraction and expansion and resist neither.

. . .to allow for the natural dance of energy within our consciousness and our connection to the deep peace that lives within all of us. . .
For when we do,

We let go of that which does not belong to us.

We expand into alignment with that which does.

We begin to have, to receive, just like a magnet pulls what is meant to be ours, into the contraction.

We can apply this method of letting go, expanding, and contracting, to life, love, business, marketing, programs, money, healing, and so much more.

And we look a little deeper, we can see that this method mimics breathing. Yes?

We model the natural expansion and contraction of breathing when we allow for the natural ebb and flow of people, purpose and profits into and out of our lives.

Giving true unity the opportunity to emerge.

And with that, trust shimmers into your conscious awareness as a pillar you can rely on.

Trust for life, for abundance, for love, for the right clients coming in, for the right message being delivered, for living in the right place that is home to your soul and your heart. . .

All of this life is a journey home, to love the self, to come home to the heart, to remember who you really are.

To know your true power, to honour your gifts, and to honour your destiny and your deepest desires as one and the same. . .

The Bigger Picture wants you to know all of this, to know how magnificent you are, how magical you are, how much you are capable of. . .

And ultimately, 

to support your dream of being the woman you dream of being here. 

That’s the invitation by the Bigger Picture to help you come home.

So, dance, breathe.  

Allow for the ebb and flow of money, love, profits, life, understanding. 

. . allow for it to be and allow for yourself to be shown where and when to take action.

Receiving, and expanding. Contracting, and letting go.

You’ve got this love, XO

Here’s to your Divine Magic,
With Love,
Kaeleya xo


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