Hello Beautiful Soul,

For all of us as humans, life is a journey of returning home to love.

When we are in business, we add a healing platform to that journey. . .

One that challenges us, beckons us, and one that both delights and confounds us at times. . .

But underneath the call to action, if we allow ourselves to be with the quiet energy, we can find our true selves holding out her hand saying, ‘come with me, I’m over here’.

More than ever, as a spiritual business coach, I am seeing my clients turn towards the Divine Feminine, to the deconditioning of overdoing, of shoving, of forcing, of needing to know, of needing to have all the answers. . .

Of the sometimes crazy making deadlines and figuring things out so they are JUST RIGHT. . . of trying to shove ourselves into a container we’ve been told has our name on it.

Softly, Gently, we are listening beneath the surface of what looks like it wants and needs to be done. . .

Allowing ourselves to be in the quiet energy instead. . . we can feel ourselves called to walk this Earth with connection to our Wisdom, to our Love for Self, the Planet, Her People and the Purpose in our business and our lives.

Can you feel what it’s like to allow yourself to put down the mask, to let go of pushing and wanting to be seen and acknowledged?

Of pleasing?

Of doing things ‘right’?

Softly, gently, . . .

We are being called to match the energy of our souls and let go the carrot on the stick, the rah rah rah look over here, the always smiling shining faces that we’ve been taught to present to the world.

Sister, there’s so much more to you underneath that smile.

And the irony of your depth is that once you allow yourself to be truly seen by YOU, you naturally draw others to you without the wanting and the hope, without the striving and the ache because they can finally see you too.

Having just come through eclipse season, I find myself in the middle of the journey home.

Many of us are still in tender awareness of what was revealed. . . 

and yet for many of us, the healer was present, guiding us forward into the light, into the future with our hearts wide open, and our masks cast aside and left behind us.

It’s taken me many years to get here, 
to allow myself to love myself first, 
and let what will, fall away in the process.

I’ve found I am a better mother, a better business woman, a better listener, who is more in tune with the natural cycles before me when I just Let Go.

What will the future bring when we change the way we gaze upon it?  

Softly, gently, 

Without the having to know or the directing and the pulling. . .

What are you being shown are the next steps in this moment?

It is at this time of the year that we are called to work in the moment with what has already been seeded and planted,

Softly, gently, 


allow yourself to be guided by your Heart and Mother Earth.

Drop into your Heart and feel your truth there waiting for you to remember who you truly are.

Trust yourself.

Here’s to your Divine Magic,
With Love,
Kaeleya xo


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