Hello Beautiful Soul,

Earlier today, at 12:12pm, our gorgeous black cat Magic died in my arms.

She was young at 11 years of age.

It was swift and graceful.

I called out to the Goddess in deep gratitude that I was able to be present with Magic and hold her in my arms when she made her move and that we’d had the chance to have one last nap together in bliss.

Through the tears, I let out a deep scream, and answered my grief with raw sorrow.

As I moved through the house, the dogs stayed close to let me know, we’re by your side. I felt the gratitude rise again within my broken heart.

In these last few hours of saying one last goodbye to Magic, as we prepare her special spot in our garden, I started to remember the signs I was given in the previous days.

Hearing “it’s time” on Saturday afternoon after her return from the vet.

Dreams of cats from years ago who were also soul mates and the joy they brought, being awoken last night at 12:12am,. . .

hearing the Owl hoot twice right outside the window last night while I said my prayers with Magic, letting me know again, ‘it’s time’.  

And Magic sharing with me as we all went to bed, “you know how this works, I have to drop my body to get a new one and come back”.

Being told this morning, “pick her up and hold her”.

And just now, a new message of her return. 

“I am still here. I will come back to you. Watch for me in 6 months to a year. You’ll know it’s me.”

My heart reaches for peace at the thought of welcoming her into our arms once again.

I see all of these messages and guidance as another form of abundance.

Abundance comes in many forms.

We so many of us have magical cats, blessed dogs, and magnificent horses. . . to just name a few of the magical beings that come into our lives.

I encourage you to see them as givers and receivers of abundance.  

And to recognize how truly abundant you are to live in their loving presence.

I wish you so much peace, love, and prosperity on your journey,

Here’s to your Divine Magic,
With Love,
Kaeleya xo


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