Hello Beautiful Soul,

Over the last 35 years, I’ve been living in a deep connection with Mystics, Channels, Intuitives and Healers.

It’s been an amazing journey that has taught me how to develop, teach, and use sacred practices that help my clients thrive and prosper and become the best business women they can be by healing all the things in the way of fulfilling their sacred purpose and profits.

One of these sacred practices is the art of working with Divinational Tools that are specifically used to create business success by accessing high level perspective and aligned decisions and actions.

For those of us who are ambitious and driven Heart Centered Business Women or Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs, we know there’s so much more going on beneath the surface of what we see in everyday life and the mundane world.

We can feel it in our bones, see it in the unseen, and hear it in the whisper behind a person’s voice or from the land when we spend time outside.  

Sometimes we can even hear and feel the whisper from our own businesses and what they really need from us to align, grow and expand.

It can be frustrating to know what’s needed and yet need more clarity to actually take action on these insights.

Sometimes our emotions are in the way, or something remains hidden from us, signaling things are still falling into place or that we need support from the Divine to get clear and move forward.

Divinational Tools are such a beautiful way to receive that desired support and clarity as you navigate the energy of the world, strategize your right next steps, or choose the programs that are charged energetically and want to be offered next and take the actions that will magnify and magnetize your beautiful business.
I’m sharing this week’s Divine Download, “Mystic Mastery: Creating Business Success with Divinational Tools”, because there is magic behind these tools that must be honoured in order to stay deeply connected to you and to support the co-creation path you share.

If you do not honour their presence, they will fade and become less powerful as an ally in your journey.

Here are my Royal Rules for Divinational Tools:

Step 1: Choosing Your Tools
To get started, here are the Divinational Tools most often used for decision making:

Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Goddess cards, pendulums, and runes. 

Each tool has unique symbols, imagery, or energies that can provide valuable guidance when interpreted intuitively. 

Take your time to explore each one and find the tool that resonates with you the most.

Step 2: Working With New Tools
It’s important to work with your new tools deliberately and with love to create that first connection.  

For example, pick up each individual card or rune, or hold your new pendulum, and take a moment to connect.

Over time, this will yield huge benefits in building the relationship with your tools.

They will come to know you and respond to you with incredible clarity and wisdom.

Step 3: Storing Your Tools In A High Location
Never on the floor, in the bottom of a bookshelf, or shoved away under a mess of papers in a drawer or desk.

Never in a ratty old bag or piece of fabric UNLESS that feels right and honours the energy of the cards.

Step 4: No One Else Touches Your Tools
No one touches your cards or tools but you, unless you give your permission in that moment.

Do not give unlimited sharing to others. It must be given one use at a time.

Step 5: No Alcohol
If you’ve touched even a drop of alcohol, do not work with your tools, you will muddy the connection.

Step 6: Listen In Before You Work
Listen to your body and your intuition.

If you hear ‘NO, not right now’, honour that and wait until the energy is aligned.

Step 7: When you are ready to begin: Clean Hands and Space 
Always wash your hands first, and make sure you have a clean space to lay your tools.

Step 8: Create a Sacred Space
Always light a candle first, then light the incense, then call in your guides; in that order.

Make sure you have time to process in a private space.

I know if my kiddo is about to come home, I will set everything up so she can come in and go about her own way of decompressing after her day without my having to stop my own process.  

She is a teenager now, so this works differently than when she was much younger when I would plan all of my work so that it was complete before her arrival.

You may also need to plan for the arrival or departure of your children, mate or family members.

Please do not miss this step. It is crucial to the process of receiving clear information that is meant for the highest good for you and your business.

Step 9: Set Your Intention 
Before diving into a Divination session, it is essential to set a clear intention for the work you are about to do.  

Let your tools know what you will be focusing on, whether that’s a long afternoon of question asking like I had yesterday to plan the next year’s programs!. . .

or, perhaps you need a simple and quick session about an intuition you need perspective on.

Setting a clear intention helps create clarity, prepare your tools, and direct the energy towards finding the answers you seek.

Step 10:  It’s More Than Shuffle And Select
Hold steady each question in your mind, or speak out loud, as you shuffle the cards.

Pay attention and listen, or feel, into what the cards want from you.  

For example, you may hear, ‘one more time’, or ‘stop and lay down your cards, ask the question again’, you may hear, ‘two cuts to the right, one to the left’ or you may hear, ‘you need a full 10 card spread for this question’.

Pay attention to the Divine Nudges you receive and honour them.

Step 11: Honour The Cards Or Runes You Lay
Do not keep asking the same question to try to get a different answer, rather sit with what is or pull more cards or runes to clarify.

I know how hard it is to say, Wait, What? What on earth does that mean?

But if you know you are meant to have pulled those cards, you can soften into the answer and again, refine that higher level perspective and action taking you are looking for. 

Pay attention to any visual cues, emotions, or thoughts that arise. 

Trust your intuition to interpret the messages conveyed. 

If the card’s or rune’s book description doesn’t make sense, trust that and listen to your own intuition.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers; it's about the insights and guidance that resonate with you and your business. 

Trust your instincts and allow Divine Guidance to flow through.

Step 12: Reflect And Integrate With Pen And Paper
Have pen and paper ready to write down any aha’s or insights that come forward.

Personally, I write down each card, a short description of what feels right from the book as well as my own intuition about the card and what it means for my question.

I find this SO helpful!  

Again, this is a refinement journey for you. 

When you can look back at the answers and see a clear pattern of support and clarity, it builds trust.

This will help you to know that you can rely on your Divinational Tools.

As you step into a co-creation path together, you will see yourself taking intuitively aligned actions that grow and expand your business.

You will also see yourself wasting a lot less time promoting programs that aren’t aligned in the moment, or taking attraction actions that aren’t actually magnetic for you and your business.


Co Creating with Divinational Tools as a way to gain high level perspective and create strategically aligned and magnetic action plans is such a huge blessing for your own energy and the flow of your business.

Remember that divination is a personal refinement journey, and the Tools themselves are gateways to your own intuition, your higher self and Divine Guidance. 

Embrace the power of Divination, trust your intuition as you interpret the messages received, and integrate them with your existing knowledge to make the best decisions for your business. 

Expect a positive impact on your beautiful business.

Here’s to your Divine Magic,
With Love,
Kaeleya xo


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