Hello Beautiful Soul,

We all have triggers. But we don’t have to be ruled by them.

Rather that we rule them and grow tremendously in the process.

I would add that your triggers are asking to be ruled by your Divine Nature. . .

Let’s take a deeper look. ❤️

In this week’s Divine Download for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs, “Triggers are a Sign to Invoke Your Highest Self”, we will shine a light on the true purpose of triggers and work through 7 steps to help you transform their hold on you.

When you are a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel like you’re under the thumb of your triggers.

And because you are deeply connected to the Earth and to Others, you are naturally more deeply connected to the unseen.

Energetic, emotional and empathic connections are a norm, both within yourself and the world at large.

And alongside those connections are sensitivities to sound, light, electrical frequencies, a sensitivity to dishonesty, misdirection, misalignment and even denial.

It’s hard to live outside of your truth when you are highly sensitive.

And while having all of these experiences can wreak havoc on your ability to focus and to feel fully present and in flow, it’s one of the reasons you are here.

That is to say, your ability to connect, feel, know, and to see what is unseen by others, is part of your immense value here.

My goal is to help you see those triggers in a new light and see them as a sign to invoke your highest You.

Mother Earth doesn’t deceive.  

She Lives Her Highest Version of Her Self.

Have you noticed? 

Her intentions to refine, thrive, prosper, propagate and flow are wrapped up in her willingness to destroy, dismantle, halt, pause and let go when needed.

Her Perspective is unchallenged.

She created a way for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs to help her make Her case to the world. . .

We will not ignore corruption.
We will not silence the storm.
We will create amidst great struggle.
We will rise above the chaos and we will transform struggle into flow.
We will understand the cycles of rest, creation, bloom and harvest.
We will honour the earth, and all of her inhabitants.

She is a part of who You are.
You are a part of who She is.

Naturally Together. Aligned. In Sync.


When you aren’t in sync or aligned with your Truth or Mother Earth, you can feel it.

These become triggers. 

Whether they are lost love, sorrow for the world, fear of success or failure, overwhelming energetics, words spoken, financial pressures, disrespect, neglect, confusion and frustration, old stories that bring us down, and the list goes on.

Triggers are abundant. Yes?

There’s no lack there.

The absolute beauty of working with the highest version of yourself is that this part of you Gets This Is A Game.

A game where you are called upon to transform what is in your way, to claim your birthright to step out of the shadows, to love, live, be free and be supported.

Once you begin to see triggers as part of a game, you expand instantaneously.

It is pure alchemy.

Triggers + Perspective = Expansion

hands in circle

Here are some steps to support this alchemy and expansion within your own mind, body and soul:

Step 1: Awareness is Key

The first step towards transforming triggers is to cultivate awareness. 

Take a moment to observe and recognize what’s going on when you get triggered instead of trying to shift it or make it go away. 

Pay attention to your body. What is she showing you?  

What is she telling you?

Is the trigger around a certain person, situation, or perhaps a recurring pattern?  Something else?

By acknowledging your triggers in the moment, you can shine a light on their underlying patterns and understand their impact on your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour.

The key is awareness in the moment.  

Pay attention to your flow and when you get knocked out of sync.

Step 2: Pause, Breathe and Ground

Remember, in this moment of awareness, to insert a pause and take a deep breath. 

Get in the habit of getting grounded within moments of feeling triggered.

Not to change it, but to be able to see it more clearly from a higher place of awareness.

This fuels you to remember you are a powerhouse of Divine and Human Alchemy.

Know that your body wants to breathe, pause, and be grounded-to become centered.  

It’s a natural flow response that is hardwired into your magical being.  

Trust that the more you do the work to become centered, the easier it will become.

Step 3: Shift Your Perspective. Listen to the Voice Within

Once you've centered yourself, listen.

What is the message?

For me, triggers are seen as a sign to call on my highest self so that I can stand wider in who I am and break free from the cycle of the trigger.

Sometimes when I ask, “what is your message?”,
I might hear that I am being triggered to see the need for a healing, a loving wish to let go of an old story, or a belief that keeps me tethered to lack, scarcity or fear.

Sometimes I am triggered by the land.

There are many fields where I live.  

And in recent years, there has been a great deal of development that has meant tearing down trees and the homes of many animals.

For some time, I would feel extreme discomfort when driving by these fields, as if I was about to fall apart at the wheel of my truck.

It took me standing in my own power and connecting to my highest me to understand the truth.

I was feeling the land’s sorrow. And I had a chance to offer light in the moment.

Now when I drive by those fields, I SEE them.  

I can offer love, light, and not lose myself in the energetic trigger that used to come up.

Listen to the energy of the trigger, what do you hear?

A side note on shining light. I don’t blast light like a power washer.  

I gently turn up my light, like a warm glow so that the other person, land or animal, whether right beside me or across the world from me, can take at her own will.

Step 4: Embrace the Message With Love

This is so important. Embrace the message, and the trigger, with love.

Every trigger holds a valuable message, a lesson or opportunity for growth and freedom. 

I have found that instead of resisting or avoiding them, embracing them with an open heart has allowed for the alchemy of expansion. 

When you ask, "What is this trigger trying to teach me?", hold steady with love while you uncover the message.
Transforming triggers into opportunities also requires self-compassion.

As you navigate the shift to moving closer to your triggers, be gentle with yourself. 

Remember, triggers are part of a game that ultimately supports you. . .

Triggers are teaching you how to stand in alignment with your truest you, free, and connected to your power as the highest version of You.

Step 5: Tap into Higher Consciousness

Once you have shifted your perspective, held open the transformation door with love and an open heart, you have naturally opened the door to You.

The You that expands your wisdom and guidance into your life, your business, all of your relationships with money, love and family.

This is really the whole reason behind this download.

The Divine wants so much for you to know how much love there is within you, to bring that higher love to your business, to step out of the shadows and take your rightful place as a leader of your work.

A leader who brings her work out into the world so that the world can receive her bounty and so that she can receive her bounty from the world.

This message is part of a much bigger drive for all of us to expand, transform, and receive and again, take our rightful places OUT THERE in the world.

Step 6: Redefine Your Triggers and Embrace A Growth Mindset

As you continue to cultivate a connection with your higher self, you will start to redefine your triggers. 

Instead of allowing them to have power over you, commit to viewing them as valuable opportunities for growth and transformation.
Working with triggers in this way asks you to embrace a growth mindset, . . .

A mindset that sees the magic within You and your ability to transmute, shift, heal and show up as the woman you are called to be in the world.

Step 7: Embodiment and Celebration  

True transformation occurs when we integrate these lessons into our daily lives. 

We have to continue to practice so that we become skilled at embodying our highest version of ourselves.

It’s a daily walk to embody and expand who you really are.

Let’s not forget to celebrate that you are already choosing expansion just by reading this Divine Download.

Take a moment, right now.  
Celebrate your own insights, your own aha’s, the freedom you may have felt bubble up through the process.

Celebrate You in this moment.  

You are an amazing, beautiful and powerful being. It’s time to own it.

Transforming triggers isn't an overnight process, but I encourage you to know how magical, powerful and Divine you truly are.
Practicing the steps above will help you to see triggers as opportunities to refine your skills, and to see the true message that lives within them. 

By refining your skill set and gaining perspective on the messages of triggers, you are accessing your power to transform, evolve, and create a life aligned with your highest vision. 

Here’s to your Divine Magic,
With love,
Kaeleya Rayne


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