Hello Beautiful Soul,

In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed an increase in synchronicity and parallel lessons that mirror what I am teaching and downloading.

I see this as a message that I am being heard and, to remember that our words are our wands.

We are creating through our words. Words spoken, thought and written.

This message also shines the Light on my deep desire for you to be in alignment with the truth of your power here,

and to be able to use your words, your energy, and your intention to fulfill your goals and dreams in the real world.

What is the truth of your power?

As a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur or a Heart Centered Business Woman, 

your struggles are hidden abilities wanting to be developed.

Abilities that, when developed, become superpowered skills you can use to fulfill your highest purpose and profits here.

forest trail

In order for you to reach this potential within your own self, blocks, loops, and wounds want to be healed.

Which leads to this week’s Divine Download, “Breaking Time Loops AKA Holding Patterns”.

I am called to remind you in this moment, 

Your power is more vast than any one of us know.  

It is beyond us to comprehend what we are truly capable of because we are limitless energetic beings connected to the oneness that lives within all things.

We are ever expanding, ever growing.

Another way of saying this is to say. . .

We are pure magic with the power to heal.

Here is a step by step process to Breaking Time Loops:

1. Understanding Time Loops
Time loops exist within you and outside of you.

When you start to pay attention, you will begin to see the cosmic dance that is occurring, . . .

your opportunity to create a new path, as well as the magnetic pull to continue in the patterned path of the loop.

Now, some time loops are incredibly beneficial to us.
The Moon, The Sun, Our Solar System, our signal to rest, to move, to drink, to heal. . . and so much more.
Time loops can also be time sucks, tarpits, . . . just like a treadmill of communication-it never really takes you anywhere.

Like that conversation you might have with your self about what you should really be doing here, or if you should make the leap and fully go for “it”, and you can see, it’s the same conversation you had yesterday, last year, and the year before that. (Please, no judgement here. It’s just for learning where and when to let go, heal, and expand.)

Unlike other areas of your life and your wisdom, no matter how deep you go, you always find yourself going over old ground.

OUCH! Yes, that is a Time Loop.

So first, understand, Time Loops are energetic patterns.

Some provide for support, safety, accelerated completion, and some hold us back and drain us of our life force.

2. Identifying the Signs
To break free from time loops, it's crucial to recognize the signs that indicate you are caught up in one. 

Some common signs include:

a. Feeling stuck and going through repetitive experiences.
b. Asking yourself the same questions over and over again, IE, should I stay where I am or should I go for it?
c. Experiencing frustration or dissatisfaction with the lack of growth or progress on a regular basis.
d. Procrastinating about important tasks and delaying or slowing progress.
e. Facing recurring obstacles that hinder success.
f. Repeating unhealthy patterns in relationships or decision-making.
g. Recognizing you are stuck in a codependent relationship with your business or intimate circle of loved ones.

3. Reasons Behind Time Loops
Understanding the root causes of creating time loops can help pave the way to breaking free from them. 

Remember, you are super powered!

You are creating in your world a reality that is paced to your comfort, even when sometimes that comfort is discomfort.  

Many of us are used to being in pain, being pressured, overwhelmed, lonely, or unsure.

Check and see if any of your time loops feed into the pattern of continuing the discomfort that you are used to living in.

Just acknowledge if it’s a yes. No beating yourself up.  
NO NEED! That’s not what this game is about. 

This magical game of life is all about growth and expansion so you can BE the woman living inside of you that’s here to lead your higher purpose and profits to benefit you, your family and the world. 
Here are some common reasons we create time loops:

a. Fear of change: 
Humans often stick to familiar patterns, even if they are not serving them, due to the uncertainty that comes with change.

b. Constricted beliefs: 
Deep-seated beliefs can reinforce negative patterns and prevent us from taking necessary steps to break free.

c. Staying Focused On What Others Want From Us: 
Without self-reflection and a commitment to honouring our own desires and wellbeing, it becomes challenging to identify, address and break the patterns that keep us stuck. 

d. External influence: 
Societal expectations and pressures can trap many of us in cycles that do not align with our true desires and aspirations.  

This is a big one.  Adhering to societal expectations is a pattern that is hardwired into our need for safety and acceptance AND I need to add, one that many of us are breaking with great intention and conscious awareness.

As always, love yourself through any of these reasons that might land hard for you.

Love is the answer to the freedom we seek within.

The point here is to break free through understanding.

4. A Process for Breaking Time Loops
Now that we understand time loops and their underlying causes, here is a process to break free.

1. Pay Attention to Repeat Communications:
First and foremost, breaking time loops requires you to pay attention to repetitive communications as well as repetitive results.

2. Insert Awareness:
As a powerful creator, you can do so much!! 

Literally add a healthy pattern to the mix by inserting the awareness to spot unhealthy time loops.

For me, I see all of this as an energetic exchange.

So the pathway, highway, energy flow-whatever you want to call it- can be redirected by ME.  I insert a new awareness, a flag to the flag that says, pay attention here.

It has changed my life to simply insert a new awareness where I once before felt burdened and stuck in having repeat communications that I KNEW were old news in a repeat cycle.

Imagine this:
You spot the pattern. Now you are aware, and you don’t have to follow it down the rabbit hole of distractions and frustration.

3. Listen to your intuition and learn to pause:
Your body always knows.

As I mentioned above, with the new awareness pattern, you don’t have to follow the old pattern down the rabbit hole.

You can pause a crappy cycle mid cycle.    

I have been working on this very intentionally over the last year.

For me, I listen to my body’s cues that the pattern is up.

I begin to watch, I come home to myself with a few hand movements or a quick grounding, and in that moment, I remove myself from the cycle.

I then insert a pause in my response.  

And in that pause, I see an opportunity to break the conversation or cycle. Whether that cycle is in my own head, with another, or in an action I am taking.

4. Exit the Loop
Yes, yes, yes you can.

You are brilliant!

Find a way to exit the loop by focusing your attention on where your new awareness calls you.

For me, this might be, saying out loud, 

“Hey, Can we pause this convo for a minute or two?”


Dropping into my Heart and listening to what is being shared, shown and offered in the moment.

And then using the breath to access the path to coming home to my center.

5. Come Home
Come home sweet soul.

Home is where your Heart is.

Remember your Divine and Earth Connection.

Feel the flow, and the ground.

You are at the center. Receiving.

For me, oh how coming home has been the answer to my sensitivities and heart centered ways.

Coming home has been my saving Grace over and over again.

6. A Practice for Coming Home
I find this practice more and more effective the more I remember HOME IS WITHIN ME.

I raise my hands over my head, bringing my hands together so that my palms touch. 

I bring my hands, palms still touching, down through the center of my body through my heart and down to my solar plexus. Once, twice, thrice.  

Nowadays it is once and boom, I am home.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have this easy path home to my Divine And Earth Connected Self.

I used to struggle terribly with the energy I was feeling, trying to manage it. To control it.  

It came on a sunny day, a rainy day, in busy places, alone in my truck, walking down the street. . . it came without warning, and it came often.

One beautiful day I realized, 

“Hey wait a minute. I am a Divine Being. I am a Creator. I am Magic.  

My struggles are part of my path to mastery. 

I am being called to Stand Wider in Who I Am.”

And so that’s exactly what I did, I learned to stand wider in who I am.  

Now, I bring me with me. 

Wherever I go, there I am.

When discomfort comes forward, I can hold steady and be present. And for joy, well, joy is now a much more welcome friend because I am not trying to control that too!

So many of us find ourselves going through the same motions day after day, trapped in a time loop that hinders our personal growth. 

It’s exhausting and frustrating.

Whether it's in our relationships, our businesses, or even our own self-perception, breaking free from these holding patterns is essential for a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

By recognizing the signs, understanding the reasons behind these loops, and implementing an effective process, we can break free and begin to walk on a path that really lights us up and leads us to where we want to go!

Remember two things as we bring this to a close:

  1. Small Steps Lead Us To Where We Want To Go.
  2. Breaking Time Loops is just another opportunity for you to Come home to Your Self. Your Temple.  Your Center. Your Hearth.

Here’s to you and your journey home to YOU,
With Love,
Kaeleya xo


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