Hello Beautiful Soul,

We’ve heard many versions of this saying:

Change your Inner World to transform your Outer World.

Statements like this can be seen as a reminder that doing the inner work is a valuable and potent path to success in the outer world of business.

For example, I have found when clients do the work to remove inner roadblocks, they take more Goal and Dream Aligned Actions without having to fight hidden resistance, and that means a lot less frustration and a lot more flow.

As a result, they create a more expansive business that helps them to fulfill their purpose and their profits.  

A great example of an inner roadblock is the frustrating pattern of putting on the gas and then slamming on the brakes right before taking big actions.

Have you ever done this??

You are 100% going for it, about to take a big leap and then BAM!  

Nope. “I’ve changed my mind. I’m not ready.” 

OR some kind of major sh#t blows up in your life and you don’t have the bandwidth nor the focus to even think about anything other than handling the major blow up.

So all the plans and momentum you’ve created get shelved. Again.

Oh, I have been there!! SO MANY TIMES!

In fact, the brakes pattern has come up for me and my clients so many times that I am called to write about it to you here today!

This week’s blog, Activate Your Potential: Be the Best Businesswoman You Can Be By Overcoming Inner Roadblocks, is a deep and layered topic.

So, to keep things clear and actionable, we’re going to focus on this one piece today:

the gas and the brakes pattern that so many of us experience.

The feeling of being so sure, and then your gut telling you HELL NO!!! 

BACK OUT NOW, this is too much.

Too much:
Right now/bad timing

But there’s one more alarm that shows up over and over again with my clients, I mean, everyone in 20+ years of my coaching practice has had this ONE roadblock!

The Visibility Wound.

Truth is, the Visibility Wound is incredibly powerful as a block to activating your potential, and it’s usually incredibly well hidden.

manifest text

Unlike the Visibility Wound, I’ve found that the 4 other reasons for putting on the brakes feel quite obvious when they come up.

    • This is too much commitment, I don’t even know if this is going to work for me.
    • This is WAY too much money, I just can’t invest like that right now.
    • “I SO DON’T have time for this right now!”
    • OR, “this isn’t the right time. I need to keep my focus ‘over here’.”

Sound familiar?

When you have one of those reasons show up, you know pretty much right away why you’re applying the brakes.

But when it’s a wound as deep as visibility, when any one of those four show up as the reason, if you dig a little deeper, it’s often not the core reason.

Most often, the core reason underneath the brakes being applied is the connection to what feels a very dangerous and lurking safety issue of Visibility.

Now, this might feel true for you in this moment!  

And if not, I understand, and that is OK!!  

It might NOT be true for you in this moment.

You are in charge of where and how you do the work.

Wherever you choose to focus your loving attention within, trust that it will benefit you, your life and your business. 

For our purposes today, we will focus on the Visibility Wound, how to identify it, and how to work with it.

Here is a roadmap for getting started on doing the Visibility Work:

1. Acknowledge the Power Within You To Create
Recognize the greatness that lives within you. 

We are immensely powerful creators Who Create Blocks, resistance, and magical brakes to appear on command.

I do not believe we are sabotaging ourselves, just sabotaging the momentum.

Because on the other side of the hill you’re staring at is a whole lot of being exposed, up top for all to see, and who knows what else.

So, we stay in what’s familiar, in what is quantifiable. . . where we know we can do what needs to be done to live and be in our hearts.

What I want to impart here is:
When you have a block, you are usually the one who put it there to keep yourself safe.

The absolute beauty of acknowledging this, if you feel in alignment with that statement, is that you likewise have the power to remove the block and find safety in expansion and growth.

2. Identifying The Visibility Wound
Do you cringe at the thought of being out there in the world of business and feeling like you might get in over your head?

Do you find yourself feeling the pressure before you even begin?

That if you keep going and taking action, you might find yourself without a back door to exit at will, or without a Plan B that would give you a way to stop the demands and momentum of an empire if you actually built one?

How Do I Get Out Of This if it gets to be too much-IE it doesn’t feel good, or safe for me to keep getting bigger and bigger and more and more seen in the world without some way to control it.

AND, Visibility Wounds can be sneaky. 

You might say, HELL YES I want to be out in the world, SEE ME!! Bring it ON!  

And yet, when we do a deeper dive into your business, we will see the pieces of action that need to be taken to be seen aren’t happening, 

things don’t seem to come together, momentum doesn’t occur. . .because for some of us, the truth is, not feeling safe out there is hidden underneath the desire for the spotlight.  

Again, it is often an unconscious wound.

Does this land for you?

If yes, doesn’t it make sense that you could unconsciously create a way to put on the brakes??

That is why working with the Visibility Wound is SO potent for you and your business!

So you can consciously take your foot OFF the brake when the rest of you is saying SLOW DOWN.

Imagine this: Instead of falling into the pattern, you love yourself through it, and all the while, know your truth.  . . 

You are leading yourself into an expanded way of being in the world and, in doing so, being called upon to hold space for the part of you that might still think it’s a terrible idea to be exposed or visible with clarity, love and tenderness.

3. Embrace The Visibility Wound To Work With It and Heal It
Embracing the Visibility Wound is about making and honouring agreements within.

This isn't always easy, I will admit.

It takes time.



AND, I believe that your wound wants to heal So That you can do what you came here to do and be who you came here to be WITHOUT being exhausted and living in consistent resistance.

Right?  I mean it’s exhausting to be caught up in the cycle of going for it and then stopping yourself right before you get there!

In the case of our Visibility Wounds, your love and your truth goes a long way.

Make a decision with yourself about what feels right for YOU out there. . .

how you will show up, 

when you will rest, 

what cues you will take that it's time for a break,

how you will replenish in the middle of a growing, expanding and uncontrollable momentum that might occur.

When you trust in yourself to honour the agreements made, it is much easier to allow yourself to be seen in a big way.

Start with these 3 steps on the journey. 

Working with these three simple steps will help you to acknowledge how powerful you really are in creating the blocks you might see in your life and business, 

to do the work to identify the cause of the braking pattern, is it a Visibility Wound?

And then to know and honour the decisions asking to be made for you by you.

There are a few other big components of this wound that aren’t shared here, but these 3 steps are the starting point of moving beyond this inner roadblock and how you will build the foundation you’ll need to do the other pieces of the work.

Use this as an opportunity to believe in yourself and to cultivate your ability to know what’s right for you on the journey to bigger success.

You’ve got this!

Here’s to thriving together,
With Love,
Kaeleya xo


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