Dear Beautiful Soul,

In the last few weeks, there’s been a sort of Stirring of the Deep Pot Within.  

The kind of stirring that brings with it deep struggle energy that can make you a little angry, mad as hell, in the fog of nowhere land or super sad.

And, then the shift back into flow came on Monday with the New Moon, did you feel it??

From that experience comes the information that wants to be shared in today’s blog, “Embracing the dance of struggle and flow as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur”.

It seems that no matter how many times we work through struggle, we eventually find the flow. . .  something to be grateful for.

And then, with the natural cycle being what it is, we find the struggle visiting us once again.

BUT, if we allow for it, we can see with new eyes the true dance at the heart of the journey.

Leading us forward as in the sacred dance, a spiral of evolution for acceptance, deep dives, and mastery is knocking on our doors.

These last two weeks brought me back to old teachings I had received about the River and Her need for containment to flow powerfully and fulfill her purpose.  

We can see a reflection of ourselves in the way of the River. . .
In the same way that a River needs a river bottom and banks to act as a container to flow as a river and not as a flood, Human Beings need edges and constriction to flow their creativity and efforts out into the world.

The container in both cases is created through struggle- in its resistance to the power of the flow.

The one cannot exist without the other.

As a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur, you possess a unique set of skills and strengths that set you apart. 

You have a finely tuned intuition, heightened awareness, and a deep capacity for empathy. 

And although being a High Sensitive is a genetic adaptation, you earned the skills to use the abilities you have today through struggle, resistance, flow, and containment.

As a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur, some of your struggles will look a little different than others.

You may sometimes experience:

  • the struggle of empathic distress (from those around you all the way to at a planetary level), and it might not make sense in the moment as to why you’re distressed,

  • sensory overload in loud, big stores and restaurants or in meetings and at networking events,
  • heightened awareness to smell, sound, lights, and to people’s intentions and energy. . . you may find you know people better than they know themselves.

It can be hard to find the ground beneath your feet or access the peace that you know in your heart is present at all times.

But with some focused work, some commitment to mastery, right from the beginning of the  journey, you can make a positive and liberating impact on your life and business that lasts and provides a way to move forward that you can rely on day in and day out.

I’m talking about the kind of impact and freedom that you may dream about: full empowerment and confidence in challenging relationships, grounded presence in busy spaces, mastery of your Self and your business, and so much more.
To be clear.

There will always be flow and struggle, they cannot exist without each other.  

But, AND, 
I myself, and my clients, have experienced such sweet relief by knowing that the struggle is part of the entrance to flow and that we don’t have to linger in discombobulation or overwhelm.

We’ve accepted that we are human beings, living in energetic structures (our bodies) flowing Divine energy. 

We are ever growing, ever expanding beings.

And, that it ain’t an easy ride!

Tho, we often wish it were. . .

it isn’t the nature of how we grow and transform.

Once we know this deep down in our bones, everything changes.  

Peace comes forward.

We can accept what is being asked of us by us.

We can learn to master who we are.

And, that the overwhelm and discombobulation can be held, becoming a subtle touch rather than an earthquake and the entrance to feeling grounded and present.

manifest text

I would remind you, 


Struggle, Flow, Peace, Joy, Money, Success, Happiness, Sorrow, and Love. 

It is all energy. And therefore, all transmutable.  

With practice, we can use love and wisdom to honour the energy, to embrace who we are, and create a life that really works for us,. . . 

a life where we embrace the dance of struggle and flow and become empowered in doing so.

Here are some actionable tips to bring peace to the dance.

1. Acknowledge the Power of Struggle
While struggle may initially seem like a hindrance, it holds immense transformative power. 

Embracing struggle allows you to strengthen your resilience, acquire new skills, and uncover hidden power. 

Accept that struggle is an inevitable part of your journey and view it as a stepping stone towards growth.

I have found confidence in knowing that I may feel the struggle when I show up in a certain room, or a building like a big store, and to just know, hey, this is my own energy shifting to be IN here.

It’s my own energy that is experiencing a new space, and as a result, I am shifting.

Because I am highly sensitive to energy, of course, I am feeling that recalibration. But that is all it is. A recalibration.

Then boom, I embrace the struggle. I feel peace.

Sometimes it immediately shifts to groundedness, sometimes it stays as slight discomfort.

But the more I embrace, the less discomfort I feel.

I know that I am simply being asked to STAND WIDER IN WHO I AM.

2. Embrace the Flow State
Flow represents a state of effortless focus, where time seems to slip away, and your creativity and productivity soar. 

This state is highly beneficial for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs because it aligns with our intuitive and empathic nature. 

Cultivate activities that induce flow, such as creative pursuits, meditation, or engaging in hobbies you love. 

By consciously embracing flow, you tap into your innate abilities and unlock your true potential.

I LOVE to sing, to dance, to be in nature and find oneness and flow there.

Incorporate the things that bring you joy and to a state of oneness.  In time, you will be able to access this energy even in the busy and uncomfortable places.

3. Finding Harmony in the Dance
Recognize that these seemingly opposing forces can coexist harmoniously. 

Use your sensitive nature to identify when to lean into struggle and when to surrender to the flow. 

I find paying attention to where I am being asked to lean in invigorating and freedom producing. 

I Know I am NOT meant to be under the thumb of my energy or the gifts that come with being sensitive.

I Know I do NOT have to have all the answers to break free.

Sometimes, I feel like my energy is spinning, or dipping, or I may feel outside of myself like a walking talking robot.

In these moments, I look for the harmony within myself with one simple action.  I ground.  

It doesn’t matter where I am.

Grocery store, doctors office, zoom meetings, restaurants.

I bring my hands above my head, and down through my center with one intention. Coming home.  

Oftentimes, it takes doing this just once to come back into harmony.

4. Leveraging Your Strengths
As a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur, you possess unique strengths that can be leveraged to your advantage. 


Use your heightened intuition to make informed business decisions and your empathic nature to build authentic connections with clients and customers. 

Embrace your ability to feel deeply and create products or services that resonate with others on a profound level. 

Your sensitivity is a superpower that amplifies your impact in the world. A superpower you have gained through the experience of dancing with struggle and flow.

5. Building a Support Network
Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who understand and appreciate your sensitivities. 

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs who can empathize with your challenges and share their strategies for success. 

Engage in mastermind groups or seek out mentors who have walked a similar path. 

Building a support network not only provides guidance and inspiration but also offers valuable insights on navigating the dance between struggle and flow REAL TIME which is where you really need it. . . not in a manual you have to carry around with you, but living in your body and accessible when you need it.

As a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur, your journey is unique, and embracing the interplay between struggle and flow is highly supportive for your freedom and success.

By acknowledging the transformative power of struggle and cultivating a flow state, you can harness your innate talents, like the banks of the River, and channel them into creating a thriving life and business. 

Don’t let your sensitivities or your struggles slow you down.

Embrace the dance. Work with it.  

Find the path within yourself that supports you showing up in a way that feels right, that is aligned to your power and integrity, and not only inspires you to show up in the way you dream of being in the world, but gives you the freedom to do so.

I know you can do this. It’s what you’ve come here to do.

Be You Out There.

Here’s to thriving,
With Love,
Kaeleya xo


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