As a Heart-Centered Business Woman, discovering your purpose can feel integral to building a fulfilling and successful business that is sustainable to your ever growing desire to do what matters most here. 

I know for me, there have been many things I could have done, and even enjoyed, but until I did the deeper dive to understand why I was really here and who I had come here to help . . .

well, it always felt like I was missing out on the big message I was meant to receive. . .

and until I got clear, I didn’t feel aligned with the work I was doing, I knew was pushing to ‘get it’, and trying SO HARD to find the right path.

I needed to discover the truth of my purpose here and claim the journey that was calling me but I had to commit to doing a deep dive with a decent dose of patience to get there.

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Here are a few tips and strategies that have helped me discover my purpose and pursue it with confidence and clarity.

1. Connect with your passions and values

The first step to discovering your purpose is to get clear on what you’re truly passionate about. 

What values guide your life and work? 

What topics or activities do you naturally gravitate towards and enjoy? 

For me, I knew that I was passionate about helping others, specifically Heart-Centered Business Women and Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs.

I wanted to help them connect with their own inner wisdom and spiritual gifts as a way to grow their businesses, to thrive (inside and out), and fulfill their purpose for the planet and the evolution called for in the world of business. 

My big picture purpose?
Harmonizing Humanity by helping these entrepreneurs bring love to the world of business through expanded consciousness, communication and connection.  

This is the driving force at the core of my own skills as a communicator and truly why I am here. 

Creating a business that could support that mission was the perfect way for me to pursue my purpose.

Take the time to explore your own passions and values. 

Write a list of your favorite activities, causes you care about, and any other hobbies or interests that light you up.  

As a side note, I knew what I wanted to do at a very young age, ‘help people love themselves more’. 

I reweaved that desire into a clear purpose by listening to my heart about who I felt called to be with in community and how I wanted to help them.  Once I put those three things together, I became very clear about what I came here to do.

What are the things you’ve always felt you were here to do?

Listen to your heart, know that the truth is already alive and wanting to be known by you.

2. Identify your unique strengths

As a Heart-Centered business owner, it’s important to identify the areas where you excel and can bring unique value to the table. 

What skills or talents do you possess that are particularly valuable in your field? 

For me, I have always been a communicator with Mother Earth, Animals, and Human Beings, seeing, knowing and being able to have conversations with what is unseen and often unknown by others. 

I am also a natural leader and teacher, and I knew that those skills would be important in building a business that could help others.

Take some time to brainstorm all of your unique strengths and skills. 

Ask friends and colleagues what they see as your biggest strengths, and consider using personality or strength assessments to gain further insight.

P.S. Being willing to OWN your gifts and unique strengths is key. Don’t shy away from your brilliance and your natural way of being here.  It isn’t a competition, no one is going to lose or get hurt from your radical acceptance of who you are and what’s great about you. ❤️

3. Seek out guidance and mentorship

No one can build a successful business entirely on their own. 


Seeking out guidance and mentorship from other Heart-Centered entrepreneurs or professionals in your field can be incredibly helpful in discovering your purpose and building your business. 

For me, finding a mentor who could provide guidance and support was instrumental in helping me gain clarity and confidence as I built my business.

Take some time to seek out connections and support from others who share your vision and values. 

Attend conferences and networking events, circles, wherever you are drawn to reach out to other entrepreneurs in your field, and seek out mentorship from those who feel aligned for you.

4. Take action and trust the process

Ultimately, discovering your purpose as a Heart-Centered Business Woman is a process that requires (and deserves) time and patience.

Set clear intentions, take aligned action towards your goals, remain open to feedback and growth, and trust that the universe will guide you towards your highest path if you stay true to your vision and values. 

Remember that building a Heart-Centered business is about more than just success and money—it’s about creating a life that aligns with your purpose and empowers you to make a positive impact in the world.

As a Heart-Centered Business Woman, discovering your purpose is a powerful catalyst in creating a fulfilling and thriving business.  

By connecting with your passions, identifying your unique strengths, seeking out support and guidance, and remaining open to growth and change, you can build a business that supports you to live your purpose and positively impact the world.

What better way to live?!  

I look forward to seeing you and your work out there,

Here’s to thriving together,
With love,
Kaeleya xo


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