We are a woman-owned, women-run company on a mission to financially empower wellness women - therapists, healers and sacred teachers.

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If you’re what we lovingly call a “Wellness Woman”, a therapist, healer or sacred teacher, and you are ready to gain clarity on your cash flow, the IRS, or you're ready to deepen your own relationship to prosperity and money-you are in the right place!

Cash Flow Loves Clarity
At Gaia Bookkeeping, we are deeply passionate about Wellness Women being financially empowered because we believe it is the key ingredient to your sustainable success.

We’ve discovered the most powerful way to bring financial empowerment to women like you is to bring clarity to your cash flow, your IRS bill, and your own inner relationship with money and your right to be wealthy through your work.

The truth is, heart to heart. . .

. . .we’re rooting for you to succeed and bring your work to the world, whether that’s a global mission or your local community.

We know and appreciate the great value you bring to the world.

We also know that amazing women like you can burn out, lose their confidence, and even lose their businesses because they weren’t clear about their cash flow, or had a nagging debt with the IRS, and felt a deep disconnect with money, and their right to be wealthy and financially empowered.

So when you needed to take a break, or needed more support, you had no idea if you could afford it and if so, for how long.

So you fell into step with “head down, keep calm and carry on. Make do with what you have.”  

And you sacrificed your own wellbeing to bring your work to others.
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I’ve been there.  

After experiencing a terrible burnout (aren’t they all), I stopped being a healer in sacrifice.  

This is where my passion grew for helping other wellness women fulfill their important work here…

…without the stress and anxiety and sleepless nights that come with not knowing where you stand with your financials, having a nagging relationship with the IRS, or having an anxious or frustrating relationship with your money and your right to be wealthy through the work you bring to the world.

At Gaia Bookkeeping, we believe that helping you become financially empowered makes your success a reality you can rely on.

What others are saying...
Debra Atkinson

She opened up an entirely new door for me to do more work that has made my entire life suddenly make sense. Grateful and more profitable.

Debra Atkinson, Flippin 50

Sarah Johnson

She cleared a path and showed me a door where before I had seen no way out. Kaeleya is here as a gracious guide, a brilliant light, and a beacon of hope! For anyone who is desiring and destined for intentional, successful, and compassionate living, I now know a strong structure to build upon is imperative. Kaeleya is that powerhouse of bright light energy with a desire to empower and improve the lives of women and men alike.

Sarah Johnson

Harsimrit Kaur Khalsa

Kaeleya lives and breathes the mission of her work in the world. She empowers and inspires women to launch into the life and business of their dreams.

Harsimrit Kaur Khalsa

Hey there! I'm SO glad you found Gaia Bookkeeping!
Hi there, I am Kaeleya. Founder of Gaia Bookkeeping.

I help wellness women - therapists, healers and sacred teachers - like you become financially empowered by getting clear on their financials and healing their relationship to money, wealth and prosperity.

I didn’t arrive here easily, though.

I know first hand how a lack of financial clarity can tip the scales to burnout in a business, and how hard that can be on the body, mind and soul.
For years, money was always on my mind, and no matter how much I made, it never seemed to be enough... after every big win I’d suddenly have an unexpected huge expense, or POOF, I’d have an amazing quarter, the big dollars were there and then they were gone, draining away without rhyme or reason. 

It pushed me right back into the  cash driven cycle of working hard and expanding my reach without the deep roots to keep me balanced and grounded (aka spreading myself too thin).  I was missing the big key ingredient to create the positive change and empowerment I was looking for - Clarity with my cash flow and my true relationship with money and the belief that I had the right to be wealthy from my work.

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